This server is specially designed for those who want to live a real-life after the end of the world, where we created a realistic environment that enables players to play freely without being killed every time they enter the server, but this does not mean that they are not exposed to murder or theft, because there are always lawbreakers everywhere… You can be a responsible citizen or a lawbreaker, but beware, killing in PVE places is not allowed, therefore, it is not something that you should do on a permanent basis. Excessive killing in PVE areas may result in a ban. We also reduced the damage when targeting within PVE areas, and health is restored quickly, but you are still liable to get killed if you get a dead shot.

Since killing in PVE areas is illegal, we show the location of the killer on the map and allow all players to take revenge on him anywhere on the map.

At Apocalypto we’ve identified PVP locations, and we’ve placed them in multiple locations between major cities to make life more difficult and more dangerous. In lawless areas, you can kill anyone and steal anything you want.

In general, life is both difficult and easy at the same time. Because trader prices are pretty high, we advise you not to buy what you need here, but rather look for it in this wonderful city.

As for the traders, we have designed them as commercial places where you can sell anything you do not need. We also encourage you to check some other things to do for a profit, such as fishing, hunting, chopping wood, farming, drug dealing, and more.
Traders depend on supply and demand, so you will not always find everything available. If the stock runs out, you have to wait until one of the players sells what you are looking for. Prices also depend on the stock, more stock – better price, less stock – higher price.

At Apocalypto, we have 4 different types of airdrops, civilian supplies, medical supplies, building supplies, and military supplies. Airdrop areas are PVP zones with lots of zombies and dangerous animals but they can contain expensive and rare items.

To make life more fun, we have designed a mission system in this city, use your radio and help different people on the map for different rewards on mission completion. Beware that not all missions are in the PVP areas.

To use the map you need a “tourist map” and a pen to put markers on. GPS will allow you to use a map too.

Vehicles in Apocalypto are varied and expensive, you also can find them available for free in various places on the map.

As for the weapons, they are naturally varied and not excessive. We do not want to turn the server into a military barracks. Killing here is not a goal or a profession, except for those who wanted it… So we made this place for survival, work, and fun.

All military areas and any areas with red circles on the map are PVP areas where everything is allowed!
Raids and theft are allowed at any time in PVP zones only, so don’t raid any base or player house located in PVE zones.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Apocalypto.



Start your life, Build your base in different ways

and for sure try to survive!


  • 100 slots and we can add more
  • We use custom Chernarus map with our custom locations
  • Create another servers with different maps in the future
  • Active admins
  • Fair rules for all players
  • Working to make custom mods every days
  • We use the best DayZ mods in Apocalypto
  • Very helpful players
  • We have a custom traders in best locations.
  • Apocalypto Simulates the real life at the end of the world
  • At Apocalypto we've identified the best hot PVP locations
  • You can work in Apocalypto to make money
  • Various vehicles and planes, but it is not easy to get them
  • There is no money at the end of the world
  • The gold and silver are definitely the official currency
  • Just like you, we want to find our home .. Join us and discover the world



We will add our WARZONE Location Soon


Server Name: Apocalypto 1 Chernarus | The Best PVE Server With PVP Zones |
Server IP:
Game Port: 2702
See you in the game


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